Created by Nature Vs Lab Grown Diamonds....Whats the Real Story?

     Fact: Current technology now allows for a diamond created in a laboratory to form within weeks, versus most naturally occurring diamond forms under very specific environmental conditions of high temperature and pressure, at depths of 87-118 miles, occurring over periods of time from 1 million to 3 billion years. (To this day, the time element blows my mind...don't you wish diamonds could talk and tell their age?)

     Fact: A lab created diamond will not appreciate in value like a diamond that took as much as billions of years to form naturally in nature. Just think about the old saying... supply and demand. Lab created diamonds will likely have less value as they can continuously be produced. Yes, it is true lab created stones are less costly, but you are still talking about spending $3000-$4000 dollars for a fine one carat diamond created by man. My opinion of lab grown diamonds? Buy the real deal...real is rare.

     Fact: In today's world you, you the consumer, now have the ability to purchase naturally formed diamonds at prices better than ever. Certification does not tell the whole story. It is so important to see and compare diamonds in person. My famous line is, "does every blonde hair, blue eyed, six foot tall, 120 lbs woman look the same?" Neither does every diamond with matching certification. My Jewel Shop competes with internet pricing offering the confidence, expertise, and full service package (education, appraisal for insurance and perpetual cleaning and inspection) for no additional charge. We are the real deal!

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